For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

With all the talk about reducing the military personel in all branches of our military...and then "DORKO THE MAGNIFICIENT" (Obummer) wants to send troops to Syria.Supposedly there is the threat of chemical warfare..

Now I cannot see where this would make any sense...Umm do we not have DRONES that can see if this is true..I mean this whole thing seems to me to try and draw attention to something we're not even 100% sure of....So why send our troops over there...

BUT!!! Far be it as a ploy by the "ONE" to influence the voters by NOT FINDING any chemicals ...

Seriously this whole thing is really not 100% accurate...from what I've read

Most all headlines use the words..."It is believed"..."sources tell us"..."we have info"...but NO ONE has actually come out and said "I saw"....but yet there's Kerry on National TV saying "this is not good"and if you watched he never looked straight at the camera...a sign of not telling all there is to tell..Maybe I'm wrong...but I have seen NO solid 100% proof as to where these chemicals are

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Join the millions [world wide] that see the same thing your seeing Stick !!! These lies are SOOOO BAD they can't remember which ones saying which one ! If you catch my drift ?  The old smoke & mirrors tricks stuff !

You misspelled O'bomber


I like all the nick names presented, AND IF THE SHOE FITS ? Maybe G. Soros should get a refund fer sponsering this group of who done it , and ran ?????????   And we shall / can not foget 9/11/01 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He, (Dorko), has made a complete (enter your own word) of himself on the World Stage. The Russians are having a good ole time with this. He thought the world would bow at his feet.....not so. Can't wait till his term is up, but first......2014 elections.....vote all the bums up for election.....OUT!



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