For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!


Highway Outside Daytona Beach Florida heading for NAS Sanford Florida with passenger

"SONNY LOVINS" and you are hit by a SAIL BOAT.

That's right a sail boat.

Who are you?

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I guess I don't get it??

Hey ,does the sailboat under sail power still have the right of way ?  But not being towed I presume !  Saw a bass boat burned to the ground once in Dallas ! Prettyest fiberglass melted boat trailer ever !

The sailor in the car that was hit by a sail boat was a member of squadron RVAH-5 and I would like to know his name and

talk to him.

The FIVE member (If Alive) would remember the wreck and probably someone in the squadron would have heard about it

when the sailor got back to the base. Not very many people would keep that a secret, so I am sure someone in the squadron heard it.


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