For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

My son is looking for metal models of planes from out time!  Does not want to spend a lot........looking for S4 Phantom!!!!

Or yes, the Vigi............but not models to put together.  He works at Waukegan Airport for private jet company........and all his memories of being at Key West are coming back.

I told him you guys could help him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Diane, another good source is Amazon - They have a LOT of models at various prices - I've gotten a lot of my car models there and they have everything from snap together easy assembly models to intricate "takes months to assemble" models.

When you go to Amazon, just put whatever model you're looking for in their search engine and you'll get options. And yes, they have the Vigi!!

THANK you all for your help!!!!


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