For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I'm NAA Vigilante and I've been drafted...oops I meant "volunteered"...to be the one to bring you the "official" information from the volunteers that try and keep this outfit afloat. Look for info on reunions, meetings, the gearlocker, and other items of interest posted in this official announcement section!

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PS: If anyone is planning any local "get togethers" or have something of a general nature you believe needs to be brought "to all hands" attention send a note rvahroster@gmail.com and we'll see about posting it here in the Official Announcements section.

Some where in my belongings I still have the draft card I got back in the 60's...is it ok if I burn it know or will get arrested.

Damn.....can't find it

I remember now what happened with my "DRAFT CARD"

Was at a party at a friends house in Michigan...It was around this time when everybody who HAD a draft card were burning their DRAFT CARDS.

A bunch of us (who had just finished our military assignment) were at a party one night and someone mentioned DRAFT CARDS...this was on or around the time when you were put down because you were in uniform ...and it only got crazier as it moved on...those of us who had already "BEEN THERE DONE THAT"were doing it just for the "HUMOR"...This was a time when "SOME PEOPLE THAT WERE IN UNIFORM"were called all sort of names 

"ie" "baby killers"at this time in history.

Didn't matter that possibly one haden't even been in a "war"zone of any kind

I saw ALL KINDS of disrespect for our people in uniforms.


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