For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Please find attached the "Hooter News" newsletter from the 1971 Rota, Spain deployment where the squadron established the MMF there.

We thank Ltjg. Tom Brem for providing the newsletter to the group.  Mr. Brem was one of the squadron's NFOs on the deployment.

We are still looking for the "Hooter News" newsletter for the 72/73 Rota deployment.

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The lower left picture is of the MMF CNI van where AT2 Steve Gauvin was hard at work.  The lower right picture is of the MMF ASB12 van that was connected to the the modular repair van that is in the background. The SATE test bench is on the left side of the van.  I am the AQ3 removing the radar R/T cover.  Our Verdan tech AQ3 R. Williams is sitting there watching me.  The outfitting of the van failed to have certain test equipment to test the radar's output.  The decision was made to replace the maganatron after so man flights. We repaired a lot of radar R/T on that deployment.  I learned to replace the maganatron without any power to avoid the danger of getting hurt.  The radar R/T was pressurized so you had a bunch of bolts to remove before you could access the darn thing.  We didn't have any electric impact wrenches in those days.  The stand to the left of me is where you would mount the radar R/T to apply power and test it  The radar antenna would be mounted to the radar R/T to test it out.  It was a very tight working space.  It was a very tight working space even compared to a ship's ASB12 AIMD shop. The modular repair van also contained the ASB12 system navigational computer (Verdan) test equipment stand. 


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