For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Happy Birthday Mike and all others sharing this day.

Have a Beer on me.

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Well that's just terrible and obscene!! Anyone can see that the beer glass is WAY TOO SMALL!!!

Took me a while to notice that though...

What glass....I don't see no glass.....ohhhhh yeah now I do...yeah they kinda poppin outta the bra...errr I mean the glass should be a DD size......errr I mean that should be like one of those German boob....beer mugs

Wait until I call my Daughter tonight!

Boy, is she going to catch heck from me!

How many times have I told her she can not go around dressed like that!

I don't know how many times she has been told to have her hair held in place with the barrettes I bought her!

What's a father to do?

Doesn,t get any better than that!

It probably does, but then as an administrator I'd probably have to remove the image from this thread. ;-)

Hey Guy's, we are getting off track...the purpose of this thread was to wish Mike a Happy Birthday!

Bunch of old Salts sitting around thinking about what we'd like to do, when we don't have the equipment to do it with!



HOO RAH , Mike , Happy Birthday to you , Reminds me of a time in Iwakuni Japan , bellyed up to a bar there between a Lance Corporal & a Gunny had a couple drinks ,of course the beer glass was bigger & the girl was smaller is all I'll say !!!


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