For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Are  my eyes deceiving me or is the very nice head-on lead pic of the carrier reversed?? Must be the deep freeze we're in!

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The ship must have been taking a selfie with the wrong side of its cell phone. ;-)

Ha! I understand since every time I touch my phone it "does" something......

Good eyes you guys!! To be honest, it slipped right by me when I grabbed that picture off the web - it wasn't until AFTER I published the newsletter that I caught it but then I hoped that y'all wouldn't catch it...

What was I thinking? You guys are sharp and caught it right away. I got lots of emails pointing it out...

Oh well... I blame old age and senility...

How come I got no link for the newsletter

OOPS nevermind found the link ...DURRRRHHHHHH

My AOL email account is now marking the email with the link to the newsletter as spam.


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