For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Well, sad as it is, right now I am glad we were Airedales and not black shoes on a ship.

I have watched the new Navy coming out of Great Lakes for a few years now and it is a "sad" picture.


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I too am glad to have been an Airedale.  With all these Navy ships running into objects (or objects running into them) things have changed.  The last pres. managed to get so many of the "old timers" out of the Navy that that the "close enough" crowd must have taken over.

Yep , If it ain't broke don't mess with it ! The service branches weren't perfect but much better than many other gov. run branches , then the PC group got in there & look what you've got now  !!!???

Not only are we all airdales, but we are members of a most unique band of Naval Air... The RVAH Community - Think about it... There are several F-4 airwings, several A-4 airwings, several F-8 airwings, etc, etc, etc...

But there was only ONE RVAH airwing in the whole Navy - The few, the proud, the RecceNetters!!

That's US!!

Just for the record, an "Airedale" is a breed of dog. When I was in the Navy, I was an "Airdale" (Photomate) and remain proud of that!

I am very much aware of what an Airedale is..........my best friend raised and showed Airedales!!!!!  So there mister smart ass.

I was making a point, which most of the guys appreciated!

I was an AT...remember the guys and gals you needed before you could get to your gear!


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