For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

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Been there  , Seen it higher than that at my old house in NH  Good for a quick grab cold beer , if you remembered where they were in the snow !!!

where's my assult gun?

Believe it or not...when I was living in Michigan being a "SHOP RAT"..meaning we were working WAAAY before those in offices were even up yet...whe it got really bad...I've had supervisors tell us "Hey if you can't make it in tomorrow...don't worry...when the roads get passable then we'll get things goin"...granted Michigan has the equipment to handle most any kind of weather situation..

However here in Texas..when there is snow and ice or any other type of severe weather...even road conditions..some of which you don't find out till your in the middle n can't move...if and when you do make it to work they chew your butt ...Texas weather is not predictable...well with the exception of the HOT summer months..One shop I worked at told us if we wanted we could sleep in the office area..n we're all lookin at each other like W T H???..

"Umm no thanks I'm gonna leave a lil early n if it's still bad in the AM I'll be late"...which prompts the "HUH???" look

Granted in Texas....winters aren't as harsh as some northern states...but Texas doesn't know how to plan for ICE..back  couple weeks there was rain late in the evening...temps went below freezing..on tv and radio announcements were made that trucks were standing by to spread salt/sand combinations on bridges and overpasses...so the next morning there are local weather reporters talking to these crews that are "standing by"...the next report you see is cars spinning out or sliding off the highway....all the time you keep hearing"trucks are standing by"...



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