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Interesting story about the Hawk batteries at NAS KW. Who knew?? I didn't

http://vvaveteran.org/34-2/34-2_index.html. This is the cover story in this months VVA Veteran.

page 32 and 33

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I knew they were there and the Army guys all lived in the 3rd barracks on the right down Forrestal Ave (at least that's what it's called now)..

Circled in red

Interesting.  The cold war also brought the DEW line (in the far north) and Nike Bases in many northern US cities.  Around Detroit here there were about a dozen Nike bases, a couple still exist as a large fenced off area of undeveloped ground with scrub trees and old reinforced foundations and underground tunnels.  Some were cleaned up and used for parks.  Also at NAS Pensacola there is an old Spanish fort that back in the '60's was fenced off from the main base.

There were 2 Nike sites around Albany also held over from B52 days. Oh, and they had nukes there also!!


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