For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Just thinking of our "In memory" section and it occured to me as I get older and more things go wrong, that if I happened to pass away at some time in the future that my fellow shipmates will not know unless my wife and children know of this website and can respond in my absence. So lets remember to let those near and dearest to us know about this website and what is going on with our fellow shipmates. Just food for thought. I know many of those who are dear to us do not want to hear about us passing on, but reality is it will happen at some time. Just think about this. Thanks

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email the link to this site to family or close friend and give them your user name/password and have them both save a hard-copy and also save it to their personal/hold box.


also if we are use to seeing one of our shipmates on this site regularly and suddenly they are not around. send them a message and let one of the staff know where they can try their phone number that is on file.

smart thinking...thanks.

Great idea, Tony, will follow up, thanks sez ae-pete

Have done this already! If I take my "Last Cruise" I would want you all to know about it! Perhaps lift a favorite brew for me?


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