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Hello, Guys, glad you came to see!  The attached photos are of the t-shirts I purchased from Cafepress.com.You can design your own as you like and upload images for the shirts.  They usually have a coupon code worth up to 40%, which I used.  Also, you can send them the image you want to be sure it will print well.  I did that for mine and they said all the images were great for printing.All my images are from prints I have saved.  The price was not too bad at $17.99 per shirt.  You can custom both the front and the back as you wish, including images and text.  Just use their design guide and you can save them for later purchase if you wish to add more shirts, this is what I did.


The last shirt, number 6, is really very special to me.  It is a painting by Mark Karvon titled  'Unarmed And Unafraid'.  It is available in two sizes in eBay and I have watched it for years and finally broke down and purchased a small one (11X14), and printed on special paper, for $40 plus shipping.  The larger one costs $80, but I cannot afford that high.  After I purchased it in eBay I got an email from the artist, Mark Karvon, saying that his printer is on vacation and that I will have to wait a week or so to get my print. I replied that it was not a problem, and I told him I was retired Navy and was in two RA-5C squadrons. I related about the two a/c we lost on our cruise, as well.  He then sent me an email thanking me for my service and to advise me that he can change the image in the print to show  an a/c from RVAH-13 instead of Heavy 11 that is in the original.  So I sent him some images of a Heavy 13 a/c, the same is in T-hirt 1, along with images of the squadron patch.  I then added if he could add a dedication to the bottom of the print I would really appreciate it.  Well, he sent me a proof to approve and I had to tell him some changes were needed.  I said he needed to raise the 'NH'  a little , spread out more the BuNo, and to add USS Kitty Hawk.  He did all that and the final image is what I have shown above in t-shirt six and the image it was taken from.  The dedication he made is very nice and he included the squadron patch and a copy of the Yankee Station patch. I replied to his email to thank him and to say I approve greatly, and for his signature, too.  I also asked him if he would object to my adding this image on a t-shirt and he said no, he doesn't and that he is looking for more business.  So guys, if you are interested in have a shirt customized similar to mine Mark's email is: cbscharlotte@ctc.net.  Send him an email to inquire about buying a custom print!  You may have to buy one of the two sizes available in eBay first.  Just do a search for RA-5Cs or RA-5C Prints.  I'm certain it will come up for you the.  Good luck!

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