For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Well if I did this right then all is well, if not, so be it and send me instructions from the BUPERS manual. After all I was a PC on a RA5C pre computer era so dont expect too much. I  arrived in NAS Sanford sometime in the fall of 1967 attached to RVAH-7, loved that place should of stayed there. Did the 68-69 Med cruise, then the Heavies moved to NAS Albany GA. Not my favorite location on this planet but I did like Morris's lounge and the Pine room. From there we were deployed on a West Pac cruise in 69-70.. Discharged in Dec 70. Returned to Akron Ohio, and tried to live a normal life as a machinist. But couldn't contain the wonderlust. 1976 Got Bored and took a job as executive security for the Polictical and Economical advisor to the Sultan of Oman in Wash DC and London. Traveled alot and met some interesting people. Got my wits back in 1978 and returned home. Tried again to maintain some sense of normallacy, but ended up in 1983 on a 47ft sailboat sailing and Diving the Gulf of Siam from Singapore to Bankok (Olongapo to the 10th power). 1985 Once again I returned to Ohio, started a manufacturing company designing and building Tire equiptment. 2003 sold my part of the company, and tried to retire. Lasted 3 years, bought a Freightliner and a 53ft stepdeck and hit our nations highways. That lasted 3 yrs also. I bet my now you can see a pattern developed. The excitement and wonderlust from those days of launching and recovering Viggies could never be equalled! Hang on to those memories shipmates, as for those were dynamic and glorius times. We are the fortunate ones, for we survived, at least physically, Im not to sure about mentally. That brings us to now 3 daughters, 7 grandchildren great wife, but still I know another adventure is out there. that's basically the Readers Digest version of my life to date. Smooth sailing and dont piss in the wind.

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Great introduction! Welcome!

Welcome aboard David. Very interesting Intro.


And thank you for answering a question that has been bugging me for months...Morris's Lounge, one of my favorite places and I could not remember the name.

Anyone remember where Morris's was located??

Morris's.... Holy Crap... I just had a flashback!!


Welcome aboard Dave!! I served with you in H-7, joined the squadron when y'all returned from the 68-69 Med cruise, made the 69-70 Connie WestPac cruise and then the Forrestal Med cruise in 70-71 - Transferred to Norfolk in 71...

My days in H-7 were some of the best days of my life...

Speaking of which, does anyone out there have a cruise book from the 69-70 Westpac cruise that they'd be willing to scan and post?? (not the whole book, just the H-7 part) - I posted the Forrestal cruise book here on this site...

Wowzers! Talk about wanderlust...

Welcome Aboard...Welcome Home.

Stories...we want stories....

mrwickey wants stories, you sure about that. The names and places must be changed to protect the guilty as for there were no innocent. Maybe this is when the book starts, The advisor I worked for was the person Oliver North was getting the weapons from during the Iran Contra affairs. He owed part of the Hilton Hotels and was one of the largest arms of the era. A book about him is The Hilton Assignment. It's about when the CIA smuggled him out of Libya, and was going to sanction Kadffi and install him as another of our puppet regimes . Didn't happen. Also for something interesting, google the S.S. Poet, go down the to link about the Mossad and the CIA. Interesting events took place. I contract with him ended before that Thank God. mrwickey how's that for an opening story. Oh yeah this is all declassified now. Keep the wind to your backs, love life, sleep well, and laugh, we all earned it.

Love the begining...and the mystery.Is this where I put my tinfoilhat on???   ;=)

 Was Morris's the bar that had a package store next to it and you could leave your bottle there? It wasnt far from the main gate as I remember, but the name escapes me. Where were these 2 bars?

Thanks, welcome aboard and glad to see at least 1 of us still has some memory power!!LOL

Don, your right about Morris's it was down the road from the main gate to the right. The Pine Room was in downtown. Alot of women marines went there. Here's a good one, Nas Albany was turned into a Miller Brewery. HOW FITTING IS THAT. I was there about 8 years ago, talked to people who never new there was a Navy Base. WOW and they weren't all that young. Oh well , time does march on.

Welcome. Yeah it's a shame they ever closed Sanford. Love that place to. Used to go to Jai Li in Orlando a lot. Made some good coins there. Four of us rented an apartment over the Breakers Club  in New Symrna Beach. Went back and forth everyday for a year, then we made a deployment. Three out of us for guys met our wives there so it turned out to be a great place.

Great story Dave! Good to have you here. I remember NAS Albany as "Fondly" as you do. I remember doing some around town shooting, and there was this defunct bar called "The Liberty Bar", and it still had the "Negro entrance around back" sign hanging up! That's when I figured this Massachusetts boy better stop handing out the school intergration pamphlets; just kidding. My wifa and I stayed at Perry Smiths Trailer Court until I shipped out aboard the America! I now reside in Englewood Ohio!

Where was Morris's??



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