For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Cdr Jarrell N. "Jerry" Henson, USN Retired. Former CO RVAH-5

The family of former RVAH-5 CO, Cdr Jarrell N. "Jerry" Henson (CO Oct 75 to Jan 77) have reported his passing.

May he have fair winds and following seas on his last deployment into eternity.


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In addition to being CO of RVAH-5 Cdr Henson also served with CRAW-1, RVAH-3, RVAH-7, and RVAH-9 during his 15+ years in the Community.

I remember Jerry Henson as a LTJG/LT in VAH/RVAH-9 in Saratoga and Ranger circa 1963-1965. Fair winds and following seas Commander. RIP


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