For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

It is sad but Saratoga and Forrestal were both sold to scrappers for $0.01 each. They are both at Brownsville, TX being dismantled. I do mourn their fate but, I was a contractor at Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Newport and could look out my window at both of them. A local TV news program was allowed to go aboard for a news spot. The condition of the ships were appalling. I think they are at a better place.

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True Arthur....but ALL those that served on both ships will ALWAYS have memories..

I was on The USS FORRESTAL with VAH 6..from @ August 64' thru March 65'..in the MED..I didn't finish the cruise because I was at the end of my enlistment..(something I have regretted)BUT I have memories and NO ONE can "scrap" those..


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