For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Does anyone have any idea of how an ex-navy veteran might be able to go on a carrier (when doing carrier quals) to watch the operations of the newer aircraft? I sure would love to be able to go and have old memories come back to me with the newer operations!

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Not really sure but I would guess (INSERT W A G ) there is no way ANY of us would be able to do this...not that it would be totally impossible...

Maybe not; but when I went on carrier quals there was always a group of civilians (kids/adults) come aboard from the Cods. Just hoping for a miracle lol! Got that dream wish and the other is to fly with the Blue Angel #7. Oh well, thanks for the reply and I will keep on dream wishing!!

I know they have (or used too anyway) "Tiger Cruises" that relatives and/or friends of current active duty sailors assigned to the ship in question can go on from time to time.

You might try contacting somebody associated with the website: NavyDads.com

Thanks! I will check it out.

I know of people who have been able to go out for the normal "Dependents Day" because they (or someone they knew) knew the CO, XO, etc. and simply asked for an invite. I recently asked a friend who is a retired VADM and former Commander Naval Air Forces about this and he said name the time and place. So, if you wanted, say, Norfolk in the Fall you may be able to be included, but you need to be very flexible. From time-to-time there are multi-day "Tiger" Cruises, but those are usually limited to inviting specific groups of people. I do remember when USS INDEPENDENCE was returning from being home ported in Japan that the word when out inviting any who could get to Yokosuka to come aboard for her final cruise. In any case, you have to be VERY flexible.

Thanks for the reply. Now if I can locate the proper person from a website maybe I will make progress.

Good luck , would be fun though !!!!!!!!!

Thanks. Fun for sure and bring back some memories; just updated lol!


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