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Captain Roy Elden Farmer USN Retired CO VAH-5 and VAH-3

Captain Farmer was CO of VAH-5 (A-3s) and Skipper of VAH-3 during the transition to the Vigilante.

There isn't much of an obit there. Can Anyone who knew Captain Farmer help fill in the blanks. Anyone have a picture?

Our illustrious Newsletter Editor will need info so there can be something for an article in the next RVAHNavy newsletter.

Capt Farmer Obit

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From Touche, Newsletter editor...

PLEASE!! Any info you may have on Capt. Farmer!!

There is little info on him on the web and the obits are incredibly short...

"Capt. Roy was born on June 26, 1923 and passed away on Friday, April 3, 2015.

Capt. Roy was a resident of Lake Forest, California."

And that's it!!

Please forward any info (pics?) you might have on Capt. Farmer to me at "aztouche@gmail.com"

Thanks shipmates!!

Here are some pictures

Captain Farmer's Obituary has been up dated. Please take a look and Honor our departed brother.

Capt. Roy Elden Farmer, Retired US Navy

Don't have a pic. but he was my Skipper in Heavy 5. Very sorry to hear of his passing. 

This is his son, heard back from Arlington National Cemetary in D.C. Last week and he'll be buried sometime in Oct. due to the backlog.

Richard, I have been trying to contact you for some time. Do you live anywhere near Columbia South Carolina?

Did you file your A.O. claim that went to the BVA in 2011? If so I believe we need to talk.

Don Frederking 309-968-7225 or don_ddms@yahoo.com

Thanks for taking the time, I requested to be your friend also.



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