For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Penny and I were watching the protests that took place in Ferguson after the officer was acquitted,

which was the correct ruling,

and we had a couple thoughts.

I wonder how many hard working black lost their jobs, just in time for the Holidays, when the places they worked at were burned down.

We also felt bad for the many good folks who are now lumped in with the looters, and other thugs.

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Lock up all the rioters & and make them pay ? for the criminal acts !!!  YEAH , RIGHT !

In addition to the obvious BS going on and how the lamestream media is reporting on it, the thing that really ticks me off is when they describe 6'5", 290 pound, 18 year old adult male Michael Brown as a kid or teenager. I enlisted in the Navy at 17 and was on active duty at 18. I'm sure many here were about the same age. We weren't kids or teenagers, we were sailors and men in the United States Navy!!

While most of the pictures that were  FIRST  Shown of Michael Brown DID make him look small..If you watch the video from inside the convience store the person that punches the owner IS Michael Brown..Sure as hell DOES NOT look like a "BOY" to me


  A very small percentage of the group that gathered that night were legitimate protesters.  Far too many were just thieves looking for the opportunity to steal something.

Its a shame we aloud this to happen in our country.  It seemed in the B.O. years it was kind of going reasonably, not great but better than now. Oh B.O. is (BEFORE OBOMA).  The Justice Department seems to fuel the racial unrest along with my favorite Reverend Al.  I don't think they realize Selma Alabama has long past.  So lets get everyone's attention focused on this matter, by doing that one thing everyone objects to most animatedly, destruction of property, theft, intimidation, retaliation.  And lets burn down our own city, and destroy all the businesses, that way everyone will be more likely to stand on our side.  No wonder we are were we are utilizing this type logic. Never the less, these Canadians probably got there Christmas shopping done. Now all they need is a free Christmas dinner from the food bank, and some free Government  Weed.  GOD IS GREAT.


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