For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Just home from a Muslim birthday party.musical chairs was a bit slow, but damnnn, pass the parcel sure was quick as hell

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Good one too.

some people just know how to throw a party!

Did they use one of these?

Dunno Steve..... "ACCESS DENIED TO THE WEBPAGE".....????

If at first you don't succeed...find another picture!

Retro 1964 Milton-Bradley Commercials (Toys and Games)

Yeah....I remember those...guessin those today would get confiscated 

you'd be thrown out of school for that! not college though!

Remember when Mattel had pistols n rifles that shot GREEN plastic bullets..The guns were called MATTEL SHOOTIN SHELLS..they were re useable but there was not a lot of force behind them...worked off a spring IIRC..one of the FIRST things to be taken off the market(later)"DUE TO POSSIBLE EYE INJURIES"...

I gave my kids one of those for Christmas back when they first came out and waaay before things got all PC.  It was a hit with everybody for a long time.

They bought out all the time bomb games to use as practice !!??


hmmmmm, would have been a good time to do a "switch-er-roo" and put the real thing in!


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