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 I believe I posed this question before just why is there no records for most of us who went ashore to work on repairs for the aircraft or just be plane capt's aka ground ops people. Don Frederking from RVAH-5  responded to me regarding the same problem back in June 2016. I can remember a jet mech asking the same question a while ago did anyone remember seeing him repairing a engine on the beach in DaNang. Our records do not show any such detachments, I myself had three detachments two to Cubi Point in the P.I. and one to DaNang - no record on the DD-214. My question is where are these records, could they be with squadron records buried with the decommission records ???  If anyone has any ideas please let me know so I can pass it along. Believe me I've been searching for years for the info. Thanks in advance for any help. Be good & take care all.  

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I had the same problem & unless you have a copy of TAD orders your SOL for there is nothing is service records.

Thanks for the reply Robert ,and " NO" I do not have the TAD orders. Who would think to keep a copy , for the future  you figure your squadron would have kept a copy of the orders since they cut them. I might be SOL like the rest of the other guys in the same situation but I'm still hoping the squadron records have something. Later, be good & take care Bob.



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