For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I served aboard USS Saratoga (CV-60) from September '71 to December '73. First joined as Assistant ASCAC Officer, under LCDR Bill O'Toole, and then transferred into the Ops Office as Ops Admin Assistant under CDR Finn Wilster. I held this job for the remainder of my tour which included the WestPac deployment from April '72 to February '73.

I came to Saratoga from Shore Duty at NATC Patuxent River, where I was a Ground School Instructor in what was then FAETULANT Det PAX, teaching ASW to RAG Pipeline officers on their way to VP-30. Prior to that, I was a TACCO in VP-11, NAS Brunswick from July '66 to September '69.

I was doing a name search for Finn Wilster to see where he went after Saratoga. Got a hit which led me to the RECCENet. My joining was motivated by the desire to post my condolences to CAPT Wilster's widow, as I had just found out about his passing in 2018.

When I checked aboard Saratoga, I found that CVW-3 Ops, LCDR Fred Wright was aboard. Fred and I grew up together in NJ, He and my older brother were classmates all the way through High School. I was deeply saddened when Fred was lost on an armed recon flight over the North in November '72 in an A-7.

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