For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

When I first read the April news letter article about the RA5G, all the memories came rushing back.
I knew it was not true (April fools), but by god, if I was called back at 66 years old, I'd go in a heartbeat.
I would gladly add a couple more shin scars from tie down chains to be out there again. He'll, I still remember
Most of the hand signals on preflight from those westpacs with heavy 5. Give me 10 minute refresher and I could launch that RA5G.

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I hear you Doug!!

The years that I spent in the Heavy's were some of the most exciting and happy years of my life. I can still remember my first day at Albany, looking out at the flight line and seeing the row of birds out there and thinking, "Holy CRAP!!"

I've mentioned this before but in my office (before I retired) I had a model of the Viggie and people would come in and ask me what it was and would be amazed that this was an aircraft that flew in the 60's...

And like you... if called back, myself at 66, (to coin the old phrase) if they gave me 30 seconds to get ready, I'd have 28 seconds to drink a beer!!

Thanks for the feedback!!

Me too but I would need a new uniform!!

HECK , AT almost 72 , I 'd re-up just for the chow , gee-dunk , NCO club , and day & night sea breezes , plus all the good , bad , & ugly stuff we had to put up with ! And boy I think the services can use a strong rebuild RIGHT NOW !!!!!!

Hell yes enjoyed it when I was there of course that was many years ago but at 74 yes if it was the old navy.  Good show Doug

I have a dream, offen, that I am back working on the Vigi, but I am my present age, not younger.   This time I even fly it!!!  It seems so real when I wake up and have to really think about the dream!!  (maybe all those meds the VA gives me.)  The dream always takes place in KeyWest.

Not at 72, but at 42 I reuped with my son who enlisted in the Marines. Went another 18 years to age 60 before they retired me. I did my prt's and kept up with the young guys. Had to start over in rank and strike for photographer again, but that was all in the fun of it. Beat my son to E5 but he beat me to E6 then went Mustang. Made E4 and E5 exactly 25 years after the first time. My son is now a LCOL and I'm a happy retired Dad. We served together several times, as I was able to get myself attached to his unit or MEU over the years.

That is quite a story...and the Marines at 42 for a start over must have been interesting.

He is Marines, I went Navy, again. 

Still a great story , Dan !!!  Would be something if we got back in with the old NAVY ? But who would take a bunch of cranky , walking wounded , old farts anyway !

Navy subtracted 6 years active duty from my age which made me 36 and eligible for reenlistment. Had to start over except for boot camp. The old Navy was great but the Navy in the 90s and early 2000s was great in a different way. I got put into empty photo billets all over the world and met some good photographers and great Sailors, all along the way. I got to 1st Class when PH's were being phased out and nobody was making photo Chief, so my squadron had a surprise award ceremony and pinned me  Honorary LT. with all the privileges. Love the Navy.



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