For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

How many remember back in the late 60s'.....

Especially stuff like this


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10-4 , Was one great movie fer sure , Stick You could tweak the wattage on  the radio's , have upper/ lower side bands,power mikes ,etc !!! Used to talk to truckers when I drove all over this USA , years ago !!!!

Yeah...had a CB in my car....handle was "Lil Brother" 10-4 ???

Remember the movie well ....at that time I think EVERYBODY had a CB in their car/truck...lotta helpful people too.Someone had car trouble all you had to do was get on the CB n you had 3-4 people offering to help ya out or offering to fix it....Also helped out if you were just a lil shall we say "TIPSY" some one just might showup n give you a ride home....for free...even have someone drive YOUR vehicle home ...another plus was EVERYBODY knew where any and all "PARTIES" were.....Ahhhhh GOOD TIMES


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