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Makes sense to me!!


I can get floormats at Sears!

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It'll have to be a British tank. We cannot buy US armor, they are too busy GIVING it to people that hate us.

We can do that!!

HEY , Let's all chip in and buy a aircraft carrier [ no down GI ] ? Use our EBT etc cards to supply it [ steaks , lobsters , champagne ] ? Get oil / fuel from Venezala at low cost winter poor follks supplemental prices ?Throw in a few aircraft [ surplus of course ] ? ETC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We can do that too!!


I got to spend several days on the Ark Royal back in 74 (or was it 75?)... I was assigned to CAG 3 staff at the time and we were doing some NATO exercises. I was assigned as PO in charge of a small det aboard the British carrier...

It was my first "up close and personal" experience with the Harrier and it was AWESOME!!


The Ark Royal in your video is the last Ark Royal (built in 81). The Ark Royal you would have been on in 74-75 would have been the previous Ark Royal (Ark Royal R09 HMS Ark Royal (R09) ). I saw the R09 Ark Royal enter Mayport in 1975 when I was there for fire fighting school.

Here's a video of fixed wing operations on that Ark Royal:

ROYAL NAVY AVIATION 70s. HMS Ark Royal in Oct 1970.


The Brits were very sorry they didn't have it and its Royal Navy F-4K Phantom FG.1s in the Falklands. They would have been able to intercept Argentinian jets between the Falklands and Argentina and the Brits probably wouldn't have lost so many ships and people.

You're absolutely right Steve... The Ark Royal that I was on was pretty old but incredibly well maintained. And I don't believe it had the upswept bow launcher either...



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