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Does anyone have any good pictures of the old Shoney's Big Boy Restaurant and Drive-In in Albany, Georgia?  We used to hang out there after work at NAS as that was the place to meet & eat for service guys.  I would like to do a painting or illustration of Shoney's with all the great cars that used to cruise that place during those last great years of the muscle cars, 1970-1974.


ADJ-3 Steve Weaver, RVAH-6 

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        Sorry I don't have any photos of the Shoney's. If anyone does it probably has my 1970 Duster 340 parked there. Bright Lemon Twist yellow with all black interior. Me and the wife really loved that car and hanging out.

Gary Wiggins ATR-2

RVAH 12 69-71

I know what you mean Gary.  Remember the speed bumps going through the drive-thru? There always seemed to be a local cop standing by to read you the riot act for going too fast.  Last I heard Shoney's burnt down about 5 or 6 years ago.

ADJ-3 Steve Weaver


We used to hang out there too, Steve. I remember one day after leaving there, my buddy Bill Pennington was driving his Barracuda and got "challenged" by another fast car at the first traffic light we came to. Well as you can guess, an Albany cop just happened to notice the commotion and gave Bill a ticket for reckless driving. After paying a hefty fine, Bill was ready to leave Georgia and never come back. Oh what great memories of that place! 

Ed Cook AT3

RVAH-5 1970-72

Hi Ed,

Good memories.  We used to meet a lot of local Albany girls at Shoney's Big Boy.  I also had an encounter with a Albany policeman coming from my girlfriend's house one night about 1 AM heading back to base.  I was daydreaming and didn't see the yellow light turn red as I went through it on Jefferson Street.  I got pulled over and handed a nice $15.00 traffic ticket.  I paid attention after that. LOL,

ADJ-3 Steve Weaver


Which web site Mike?

I checked it out.  Looks like the place had been closed for awhile, but there is no doubt how it ended.  I used to drive through there every once in a while in a red Comet Cyclone in 1969.


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