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While wandering around the web, I stumbled across this...

I find that as I got older, a trike appealed more and more to me rather than the standard motorcycle. The wife and I looked at the Can Am Spyder, very cool but pricey... but this seemed a little more practical and easier to ride... click the link...

Check it out at 1:08... HOLY CRAP!


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I couldn't afford the gas (or the tickets), let alone that contraption.

There are some other clips associated with this on on Youtube.  The ride along the coast is pretty good.  I think I could just listen to that engine idle with that great cam and tuned headers.  Nice ride!

I have a couple more

24 Chainsaw mtrs

A REAL Viper engine

Some folks out there have wayyyyyyyyyyy too much free time and wayyyyyyyyyyy too much disposable income...

Wish I was one of them..

GEE , two wheels & too fast for my britches !!!

I found that as I got older my bike didn't stay upright as well as it use too, so I converted the two wheel to

a TRIKE in 2007. I put over sixty thousand miles on it and built another TRIKE. The new TRIKE has seen over 60,000 miles and after this year will probably have 85,000 on the speedo. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Have a great ride, the Goldwing Rider.


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