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It is with much sadness that I report that our Puppy Angel passed away today. He had a problem for which there was no cure, so we decided to put him to sleep. I was with him during the process, and it gave me solace knowing he saw a loving face at the end. Angel gave us many years of unconditional love, and he will truly be missed. Here is some picture of our baby sitting in his favorite spot near the window.

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I'm sorry for your loss John...

It's never easy losing a pet, especially one that was (and still is) a big part of our lives.

Friends enter and leave our lives,
but the impressions they make on
our hearts stay with us forever.

Thank you very much Bill. Your kind words gave us a smile. Our hearts are broken, but we know we did the right thing for our pup.

Many years ago when one our pet passed away I came across this at a pet cemetery.

We sent you on a journey

to a land free from pain,

not because we did love you,

but because we loved you too much to force you to stay

Sorry  for your loss

That is a sweet saying for sure. While we are hurt in our hearts, at this time, I know we made the right decision. Again, Robert, thanks for your kindness.


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