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I have, for years, used Real Player to listen to my tunes but recently changed to this new program. The issue I had with Real Player was it took a long time to load, often lost the place where I left off, and was unreliable. It just took away the the ease that playing 2686 tunes should have provided.

Anyway, a friend turned me on to Foobar2000, and I love it! Loads instantly, keeps its place, and sounds great. I know some of you may have other favorites, but I offer this as a replacement to Real Player only.

So, here is the website if you are interested. http://www.foobar2000.org/

Have a great day!


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Great stuff as usual , John !!!!!!!!!!

Thanks John!! I too have had issues with Real Player and will give this a shot. Like you, I have several thousand MP3s loaded both here and on my MP3 Player.

Just an aside, if you like to take your tunes with you, I bought this item on Amazon and it is amazing!! It will play tunes from an SD card, a flash drive and it also has an FM tuner. I bought this along with an extra rechargeable battery (and charger) an it's small enough to fit in my shirt pocket. The wife and I take it with us in the car on trips and when it sits in the cup holder, it acts like an amplifier. It has a built in speaker and has an earphone jack.

We love this thing. I have several different flash drives with different genres of music (swing music, classic rock, etc) loaded on them and we swap as needed.

Price was not bad either...

Check it out!


Battery and charger:


Thanks Bill, and I shall keep both links and check them out. I can see you and the Mrs. must enjoy your music as we do. Sure helps on drives, for the regular music channels are a drag. Same song every hour, and not ones we like. Well, take care my friend.




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