For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

And a favorite of mine.

His wife Play Dough, and children, John, Jane, and Dosey Dough will all be there. Unfortunately, his elderly father, Pop Tart, will not be able to attend

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Too funny John... Thanks for the grins!! I especially like the pit bull with the bone...

True story... I worked in the Medical Education department of a large teaching hospital and we had CPR classes once a month using the "Annies" - CPR Dummies that you can practice on. Over the years, some of these wear out and get tossed out and during that process, I "rescued" a foot off one of the mannequins. It sat in my office for a long time... don't know why... it was just something cool to be sitting on my desk? (Yeah... I'm strange...but I can live with that... )

Anyway, one year we had a HUGE snowfall and over the next couple of days, the plows raised these huge mountains of snow on the roadsides... I couldn't help it... One morning I went out there and stuck that foot in one of those huge drifts and left it there...

How was I to know that this would totally freak people out and that it would end up with two fire trucks, an ambulance, several police cars and a rescue crew... who were NOT AMUSED when they found out this wasn't some poor guy who got caught when the snowplows went through...

Needless to say, I DID NOT fess up and they wrote it off as "Malicious Vandals'...

Damn kids...

Hey, Bill, that is a great story for sure! I'm sure you made the right move in not coming clean on that one! I copied that story to share with a few friends with similar senses of humor, and of course the local F.B.I. Office!  NOT!!!!  LOL


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