For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

All Hands,

We've been trying for a few years now to come up with a complete list of all of our Shipmates lost in the Line of Duty while serving with our community or flying the Vigilante. We have always understood that number to be 77, but we've only found 61 so far.

Here's the list of who we have found to date (and if we need a picture/more info):

1)   Maj George Augustus Bacas USMC ILD 1/11/61 NATC Pax River

2)   LtCdr William Elmer Grimes USN ILD 3/17/61 NATC Pax River

3)   Cdr Bud Stanwood Gear USN ILD: 01/09/62 VAH-7

4)   Lt Charles Henry Kruse, JR. USN ILD: 02/20/63 VAH-7

5)   Ltjg Clarence Cottle, USNR ILD: 02/20/63 VAH-7 (need a picture)

6)   ADJ-1 Charles Kelsey USN ILD 9/5/63 VAH-3 (would like a portrait style picture)

7)   LtCdr James Richard Conrey USN ILD: 9/19/63 VAH-1 (need a higher resolution picture)

8)   Lt Theodore Carl Garrett USN ILD: 9/19/63 VAH-1 (need a higher resolution picture)

9)   AN Walter Edward Langley USN ILD: 11/21/63 VAH-1(need a picture and information on what happened)

10) LtCdr John Francis Moore, Jr USN ILD: 09/08/64 VAH-3 (need a picture)

11) Ltjg Paul Iris Haney USN (LDO) ILD: 09/08/64 VAH-3 (need a better picture)

12) Cdr Cornelius Vincent Nolta, Jr USN ILD 12/23/1964 RVAH-13

13) LtCdr Donald Wayne Beard USN KIA 12/09/1964 RVAH-5

14) Ltjg Brian John Cronin USN KIA 12/09/1964 RVAH-5 (would like a picture in uniform)

15) Lt Michael Daniel Hornsby USN ILD: 1/8/65 RVAH-7

16) Cdr Valentin George Matula USN KIA 07/20/1965 RVAH-1

17) Lt Carl Eugene Gronquist, Jr USN KIA 07/20/1965 RVAH-1

18) LtCdr Guy David Johnson USN POW-MIA 12/20/65 RVAH-13

19) Ltjg Lee Edward Nordahl USN POW-MIA 12/20/1965 RVAH-13

20) LtCdr Max Duane Lukenbach USN MIA/KIA 12/22/1965 RVAH-13

21) LtCdr Charles David Schoonover USN KIA/ILD 01/16/1966 RVAH-9

22) Ens Hal T Hollingsworth USN KIA/ILD 01/16/1966 RVAH-9 (would like a picture in uniform)

23) Ltjg Robert Taft Hanson, Jr USN POW-MIA/KIA 02/03/1966 RVAH-13 (would like a picture in uniform)

24) LtCdr Thomas Carl Kolstad USN POW-MIA/KIA 10/22/1966 RVAH-6

25) Ltjg William Blue Klenert USN POW-MIA/KIA 10/22/1966 RVAH-6

26) Lt. Robert McIntosh USN (LDO) ILD 1967 RVAH-12 (need a picture)

27) Cdr Charles Lancaster Putnam USN POW-MIA/DIC 03/09/1967 RVAH-13

28) LtCdr James Lloyd Griffin USN POW-MIA/DIC 05/19/-21/1967 RVAH-13

29) Lt Jack Walters, Jr USN POW-MIA/DIC 5/19-/20/1967 RVAH-13

30) Cdr Charles Thomas Butler USN ILD 6/14/67 RVAH-3

31) Cdr Laurent Norbert Dion, USN KIA 08/17/1967 RVAH-12 (need a better picture)

32) Ltjg Charles David Hom USN KIA 08/17/1967 RVAH-12 (would like a picture in uniform)

33) LtCdr Carl Morris Sledge USN ILD 12/8/1967 RVAH-3 (would like a picture in uniform)

34) Lt(jg) Richard D Lowrie USN ILD 12/8/1967 RVAH-3 (need a picture)

35) LtCdr Vincent Duncan Monroe USN POW-MIA/DIC 05/18/1968 RVAH-11

36) Cdr Ernest Albert Stamm USN POW-MIA/DIC 06/11/1968- 01/16/1969 RVAH-5

37) LtCdr Wesley Laney Woolf USN ILD 9/9/1968 RVAH-3

38) Ltjg Kenneth Joseph Kirby USN ILD 9/9/1968 RVAH-3

39) ADJ3 Thomas Edward Treadwell USN ILD: 10/25/1968 RVAH-12 (need a higher resolution picture)

40) Ltjg Richard Cobb Thum USN POW-MIA 11/25/1968 RVAH-5 (need a higher resolution picture)

41) LtCdr Richard Albert Bright USN ILD 2/19/69 RVAH-14 (need a picture)

42) Cdr Danforth Ellithorpe White USN POW-MIA/KIA 03/31/1969 RVAH-6

43) Lt Ramey Leo Carpenter USN POW-MIA/KIA 03/31/1969 RVAH-6 (would like a picture in uniform)

44) Cdr Randall Kelly Billings USN ILD: 01/01/70 Commander CVW-14 (need a higher resolution picture)

45) Ltjg William L. Beaver USN ILD: 01/01/70 RVAH-7 (need a higher resolution picture)

46) Cdr J.D. Barnes USN ILD: 1/23/70 RVAH-13 (need a picture and Cdr Barnes first name)

47) Ltjg Curtis F Wolfe USNR ILD: 1/23/70 RVAH-13 (need a picture)

48) Cdr John J. Huber USN ILD 3/5/1970 RVAH-12

49) LtCdr Richard Perry Karr USN ILD:07/22/70 RVAH-11 (need a picture)

50) LtCdr William Aquilla Pullinger USN ILD:07/22/70 RVAH-11 (need a picture)

51) LtCdr Robert Ross Renner USN ILD: 9/27/70 RVAH-1

52) Lt Max Eugene Joseph USN ILD: 9/27/70 RVAH-1

53) Cdr Lauren Ray Everett USN KIA 10/17/1971 RVAH-5

54) LtCdr Paul Amos Stokes USN (LDO) KIA 10/17/1971 RVAH-5

55) AME2 James E. Scharf USN ILD: 1971 RVAH-7 (need a picture and information on what happened)

56) Lt Michael Firestone Haifley USN POW-MIA/KIA 12/28/1972 RVAH-13

57) LtCdr Jerome Charles Ragen USN ILD: 08/27/1973 RVAH-3 (need an individual picture)

58) Lt Frank J. Carson USN ILD 3/5/74 RVAH-3 (need a picture)

59) LtCdr Malcolm Wagner McKay USN ILD 8/13/74 RVAH-3 (need a picture)

60) Cdr Thomas W. Hogan USN ILD: 02/02/75 RVAH-11

61) LtCdr Wayne T. Mulholland USN ILD: 02/02/75 RVAH-11  

If anyone with names, dates, commands, information, and pictures of anyone missing (or better pictures of those included) of people missing from that list please email everything to  rvahroster@gmail.com.

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