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I have one of those 30" breaker bars and one time I was really working at getting a larger sized bolt out and I broke the socket.  Ended up taking the broken socket back to Sears and getting a new one, tried again and had success.

I remember back in the day we joked about fixing the radar or navigation was that we only needed three tools.  (1) a small adjustment screwdriver (you know the one that has a clip on it and we had in the plastic pocket protector packet) to "adjust" the resistor (2) if that did not work a hammer to beat the heck out of the piece of electronics (3) if that did not work then a hacksaw to cut it out.

I used to have all those breaker bars / sockets to go with them  [ very small - to very large ] most are gone because you need so many metric stuff now !!!

I only have two cars that I work on and both are US and from the 1960's so I'm still good.  Lease my new car so that should never break out of warranty.  But just in case I have a full set of metric stuff too as well as Torx drivers.

Problem .....With todays vehicles one has to be very careful as to what they work on.Some will ONLY TAKE NEW PARTS...rebuilt parts CANNOT BE REBUILT...you have to go to a dealer and get NEW parts so you can get a warranty.Parts dealers do offer warrentys but most dealers offer a better warranty but for more money.

How bout the plastic inside / outside panels to remove for access to lights [ tail / head / side marker ]  plus electronics , etc ? Those plastic buttons work great for a time or two , along with odd ball screw heads who designed that stuff ? Maybe the same people that made up those goofy screws for the A5's ?

Used to lover those Dzus Fasteners.  Even used to have the special twist tool that made them even better.  In today's cars, there are lots of those fasteners..especially for wire harnesses..that are hard to get out and of questionable reusability.

We have ALL forgotten the # 1 device that fixes ANYTHING 



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